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PM Modi says India shaken by the COVID19 ‘storm’


PM Modi says India shaken by the COVID19 ‘storm’


The Storm: India once again set a new global record of most COVID-19 cases in a day, when they recorded 354,531 cases nationwide on the 25th of April. This was the fourth straight day of record peaks. Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged all citizens to get vaccinated and practice extreme caution, as the ‘storm’ of the second wave had shaken the country to its core. PM Modi further stated ‘we were confident, our spirits were up after successfully tackling the first wave, but this storm has shaken the nation’.

Modi spoke about the ‘storm’ on Sunday

The situation worsens: The Delhi lockdown has been extended further to take all measures possible to stop the insane spread of the virus. Delhi Police chief stated that the lockdown was the last possible weapon in the war against COVID-19, but they have had to use it. Ghaziabad in the outskirts of Delhi witnessed some of the worst scenery imaginable as the street outside a Sikh Gurdwara had cars parked, filled with COVID-19 patients with handheld oxygen tanks, a scene that resembled a makeshift hospital ward in a war-torn region. Hospitals continue to face shortage of oxygen and beds. 

Relief efforts: Along with the 23 oxygen generation plants incoming from Germany, other countries have joined the fight to help India. 4 cryogenic tanks are expected from Singapore, while the USA has promised 5 tonnes of oxygen concentrator. Saudi Arabia is also expected to send 80 metric tonnes of oxygen. French president Emmanuel Macron has also announced that France will be gifting 8 oxygen plants to India.

IPL star and Australian cricketer Pat Cummins posted a heartfelt message announcing that he has donated $50,000 to the ‘PM cares fund’ specifically to purchase oxygen supplies for India’s hospitals in need.

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