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Why are Pakistani celebrities so quiet about Palestine when celebrities around the world are speaking up?

Silence speaks volumes. Pakistani celebrities , where is your voice on Palestine amidst global outcry?


Why do desi men go for a career driven women when they ultimately seek a housewife?

The fact that desi men are attracted towards a women who is career driven but still marry a housewife is so dumb, because how can you reject someone for the very reason you like them 🤡 Desi men and their double standards are so illogical because how can you reject the kind of woman that you feel attracted to a career-driven woman who is groomed, but still choose to marry a housewife. Men should go for what they feel attracted to and not what they can get out of a woman, because your wife is not a maid.


5 classic rom-com movies you can watch this weekend for a cozy night in

Bored of whats on TV? Here are 5 movies you can watch this movie for a cozy date night in! 🍿


A 2 day weekend is just not enough! We need a 3 day weekend to feel human again

Is it just me or is 2 day weekend just not enough! A 3 day weekend should be a norm because we don't even feel rested enough by the time Monday comes around! The fact that the working hours are insane from Monday to Friday, Saturday & Sunday are just not enough. Wouldn't it be better to increase the work load or extend the working hours in order to increase a holiday and make our weekend 3 days long, because that way the employees would feel more motivated and fresh coming back to work!

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