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These 5 businesses in Lahore deliver macro counted meal plans to your doorstep

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These 5 businesses in Lahore deliver macro counted meal plans to your doorstep


Have you ever sworn to yourself that you would start a diet but then soon gave up on it because of the bland and generic diet foods? In a world of temptation, having to eat salads and protein cooked in the same form over and over again is not feasible. Maintaining a diet whilst also observing enough self control to not have a bite of that ice cream in your fridge is practically impossible. And dieting should not mean that you have to forsake delicious foods altogether. 

Below are 5 businesses that do healthy, effective and most importantly delicious meal plans to help you with your diet. 

1. Their products are the perfect balance between taste and nutrition.

Noonjuice (@noonjuicepk), started by health and fitness enthusiasts Naffay and Nada, serves meals that are healthy, organic and stunning to look at as well. They deliver foods that can be customised to be vegan friendly, keto friendly and allergy safe. They also consult with their customers and help them devise their personal goal based meal plans. 

They have launched meal plans to fit into the Ramadan routine which include items like tacos, burrito bowls and steaks.

Their meals average around Rs. 750 and the meal plans are customisable and thus cost different but average around Rs. 24000 per month. 

Contact them here to order a meal plan. 

source (@noonjuicepk)
source (@noonjuicepk)

2. Their tagline is “Count on us to eat healthy.”

Sheharyar Ali and Amna Cheema are the masterminds behind Macro Counted (@macrocounted). They are passionate about the taste and healthiness of their food, believing that one should not be compromised for the other. They have calorie counted nutritious food and meal plans. 

They have both monthly and weekly meal plans available with foods such as “Thai Noodles with Crunchy Peanuts” and “Roasted Chicken Sourdough Sandwich”.

Their average price for meals is Rs. 550 and their meal plans range between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 35000.

See their meals here!

source (@macrocounted)
source (@macrocounted)

3. They sell fitness meals for all your body goals be it fat loss, muscle gain or even toning

Refuel (@refuel.official) prides itself on being sustainable, affordable and guarantees results with their macro-counted meals. Founded by athlete Hamza Khawaja and fitness trainer Aleena Iqtidar, Refuel ensures that every meal plan can be customised according to your specific body goals. They understand the importance of having healthier alternatives for everyday meals. 

They deliver both local and continental cuisine to their customers and also have the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrate labelled for each specific main. 

They offer 2 and 4 week meal plans with either 1 or 2 meals per day and are priced between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 25000.

Subscribe to a meal plan here!

source (@refuel.official)
source (@refuel.official)

4. This business was started in Ramadan 2018 as only a hobby

Amnah Maqsood, the CEO of Body by Butter (@body_bybutter), has enjoyed cooking since she was a child. It started off as a keto business but now serves general meals and meal plans to help with weight loss. They have a low carbohydrate count and are a source of energy and protein.

They offer both standardised meals and customised meal plans to their customers. 

Their prices range around Rs. 700 per meal. 

Check out their page here!

source (@body_bybutter)
source (@body_bybutter)

5. Two brothers launched this business to fill what they believe is a gap in the Pakistani market

Diet 360 (@diet360pk) was founded when the creators realised that there was nowhere to get truly healthy and at the same time delicious food. They mentioned that even salads in Pakistan are heavy because they are loaded with condiments. Their meals are low in calories, and their principles are quality and freshness to ensure their customers are satisfied. 

They specialise in healthy salads and sandwiches for lunch which are also offered in their customised meal plans after a consultation with their nutritionist.

The prices range from Rs. 350 to Rs. 450 for single meals and meal plans differ in cost. 

Check them out here!

source (@diet360pk)
source (@diet360pk)

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