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Israel accused of committing apartheid by Human Rights Watch

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Israel accused of committing apartheid by Human Rights Watch


Jerusalem: Since the start of the month of Ramadan, the Israeli police has been committing crimes against muslims in the region to a certain degree that include harassment, obstruction to prayer, looting, death threats and unfair arrests. Clashes erupted between far-right Israelis and Arabs in which 200 Palestenians were wounded on the 23rd of April.

The HRW report: In what has been called the most comprehensive report to date on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, the Human Rights Watch has said that Israel is committing crimes against humanity. They further stated that the US and the international community are turning a ‘blind eye’ to the situation. The 213 page report titled ‘A Threshold Crossed’, the HRW accuses Israel for ‘Apartheid and Persecution’. Such a statement has been made for the first time ever. It claims that the Israeli government maintains a policy of of domination by the Jewish Israelis over the Palestinian people, where both groups are in equal size. 

Implications: The HRW has advocated for an international committee of inquiry and sanctions to initiate travel bans, freezing of assets against officials responsible. 

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has called the report a ‘propaganda pamphlet’. They further stated that the report had ‘no connection to facts or on ground reality and accused the HRW for a long standing anti-Israel agenda.

Many criticized the HRW for coming to this conclusion so many decades later.

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