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Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s wife demands that the Supreme Court remove PM Imran Khan

Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s wife demands that the Supreme Court remove PM Imran Khan


What happened:

Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s Wife, Sarina Isa, has urged the Supreme Court to remove Prime Minister Imran Khan from his post. She alleged that the Prime Minister was a “tax cheat” and did not disclose his assets.

Sarina Isa filed additional grounds in the Supreme Court to support her review petition against the June 19th decision of the court to have tax authorities verify her properties and those of her children.

Her list of charges against the Prime Minister includes: (i) he is a tax cheat, (ii) did not disclose his three children’s assets when they were minors in his returns, (iii) illegally accessed and obtained the petitioner’s legally protected records maintained by the FBR, NADRA, FIA and SBP.

She raised questions about the money trail the Prime Minister provided to justify his purchase of Bani Gali and compared it to the documents she provided to satisfy the court in her own case, “The petitioner (Sarina Isa) produced verifiable documents, including her own bank documents. Mr Imran Khan spun a tale: his divorced wife (Ms Jemima Goldsmith) sent him money to buy properties in Pakistan but did not send it into his bank account but through a convenient intermediary (Mr Rashid Khan)”.

Saria Isa stated that Imran Khan is “judged by a different yardstick”, because he can afford to buy some of the most expensive properties in Islamabad despite having paid a pittance in income tax.

She stated that she bought her three properties from her own earnings, and “unlike Mr. Imran Khan, also did not conceal the three properties under a company’s name.”. In total she included 19 reasons for the removal of the Prime Minister from his post in her filing.

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