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5 local Instagram stores that are making thrift store shopping trendy

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5 local Instagram stores that are making thrift store shopping trendy


You will be surprised to find out how much fast fashion contributes towards pollution and climate change. Not only do thrift stores offer a huge variety of clothes all in one place, and are extremely affordable but they also help tackle this environmental issue. If you have never bought clothes from a thrift store and are skeptical of the quality, it’s time you gave them a chance because the following stores will definitely cater to your fashion needs and remove any misconceptions that you have regarding thrift stores.


This store offers handpicked, trendy clothes, shoes and handbags from international brands that are all available for less than Rs. 4,000! It’s time to reduce your carbon footprint, people!


They have a carefully curated collection of good-as-new clothes, bags and shoes from different brands at very reasonable prices that range from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 4,000.


They call themselves nostalgia buffs and stress how all clothes have a story and we can’t help but agree. They offer all kinds of fashion-forward clothing and it’s all in great condition. You can get almost everything for under Rs. 2,000!


They have an amazing collection of fashionable clothing with off-the-rack quality and even the most expensive pieces are priced at less than Rs. 4,000.


They are serving up some serious fashion looks and are an answer to all your thrifting needs. You can get almost everything available at this store for under Rs. 3,000.

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