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When the guardians become the thieves: Pakistani policemen once stole Rs.100 million


When the guardians become the thieves: Pakistani policemen once stole Rs.100 million


Back in 2011, two policemen allegedly stole Rs. 100 million in both Pakistani rupees and foreign currency. This sounds like something out of a cops gone bad type of film, but it actually happened.

On the 19th of June, 2011, two policemen allegedly robbed a vehicle carrying Rs. 100 million worth of foreign and Pakistani currency.

This robbery took place on the main highway connecting the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan.

Gul Muhammad and Ejaz Kakar were the victims robbed of the astronomical sum of Rs. 100 million. They, in an ironic twist of fate, filed a complaint with the police against the police. These poor men probably knew they had no hope of recovering their money if they are being forced to complain to those whose comrades stole from them.

The complainants stated that a police patrol had intercepted them while they were enroute to Quetta, and after beating them the patrol officers made off with currency worth Rs. 100 million. The stolen currency included 60 million in rupees.

At the time a police official stated, “The complainants were trying to take currency to Quetta as part of some hawala (informal money transferring system) arrangement when the incident occured.”. And, this twist in the story lays bare that everyone involved was unscrupulous. After all, money laundering like thievery is unethical as well.

The search was on for the thieving policemen but, based on presently available information, they were never caught. Those two are probably off somewhere, living their best lives as wildy rich men.

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