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Pakistan elected to three key United Nations bodies

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Pakistan elected to three key United Nations bodies


The Election: On Tuesday, a session of the 54-member Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) was held to determine which members would become the most recent additions to 3 fundamental UN bodies which are the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, Commission on the Status of Women and the Commission on Population and Development. Pakistan managed to secure 50 of the 53 total votes in this election.

The Impact: Pakistan’s election to these bodies is extremely significant since it is evidence of the international community’s increasing trust and recognition of the country. A similar sentiment was expressed by Munir Akram, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN on twitter. Once the membership is assumed on 1st January 2022, the Pakistani delegation will be able to partake in meaningful work such as conducting demographic research and supporting intergovernmental processes in the areas of population and development.

The Context: Since the PTI government has taken over, there has been a renewed push to become more active in international forums such as the United Nations. A significant part of this push is the decision to take up the Kashmir issue more aggressively on this platform, as well as Prime Minister Imran Khan’s effort to begin a collaborative movement against Islamophobia.

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing the UN General Assembly in 2019.
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