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Christian man and his mother shot dead in Gujranwala, over drain dispute

Christian man and his mother shot dead in Gujranwala, over drain dispute


Usman and Yasmin Masih were gunned down by one of their muslim neighbours on the 9th of November, outside their home in Kathore Kalan, in Gujranwala district. Both Usman Masih and his mother, Yasmin Masih, were Christians. They were killed over an argument with one of their neighbours.

Usman’s father told the police that their neighbour Itrat Bibi started an argument with his wife, Yasmin Masih, over an overflowing drain. He said that Itrat Bibi had previously started arguments with his family over the same drain, but other neighbours had intervened and helped mediate the issue. However, this time Itrat Bibi also called her son Shakoor and involved him in the dispute. Usman’s father stated “She attacked my wife with a stick and called her son, who fired straight shots from his pistol. When my son tried to save his critically injured mother, he shot him as well. Both died on the spot.” He has filed a police case against Itrat Bibi and her soon Shakoor. 

There are also initial reports and gruesome pictures circulating on social media that suggest Usman and Yasmin Masih were left to bleed out and die by the rest of their neighbours, despite two personal vehicles available to transport them to the hospital. Usman is survived by his widow and daughter. The police have since arrested Itrat Bibi and her son Shakoor for the murder of Usman and Yasmin Masih. 

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