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Karachi Police to wear body cams for accountability


Karachi Police to wear body cams for accountability


The authorities are set to launch a surveillance project to monitor activities of officers on patrolling duties. This improvement is prompted by the
growing complaints of abuse of power, ill-practices and corruption in the Karachi police.

As reported by the officials, the proposal to get the first set of modern cameras had made some progress. They said that once the deal with
National Radio Tele­communication Corporation (NRTC) is finalised, a set of 100 cameras will likely arrive for the city police within a few weeks to kickstart the first phase of the project.

This project is under the Ministry of Defence Production, and the official says that the NRTC is fully capable to meet the requirement and the launch of the project would be a major value addition to policing in Karachi.

This project in Karachi is part of a larger project that includes monitoring all police stations, reporting rooms and public dealing rooms in the future through the same technology.


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