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‘I coloured my sword red’: Delhi rioters who say they killed Muslims

‘I coloured my sword red’: Delhi rioters who say they killed Muslims


Delhi has been in absolute turmoil since the past few weeks. Muslims are being subjected to extreme violence and though many Indians have spoken up against the riots, the few number of killers however, feel no remorse whatsoever for taking the lives of innocents.

In an article by Scroll In, a number of testaments of these killers are mentioned. One of them, Nishant Kumar, the Scroll in writes,

The smile never went off Nishant Kumar’s face. Only his voice quivered with excitement as he spoke, animatedly with hand gestures, about murdering three Muslim men on February 25. It was an act of “retaliation”, he insisted.

Delhi Riots

The violence had originally begun on February 24 as a clash between groups supporting and opposing the new Citizenship Amendment Act. The legislation enables Indian citizenship for undocumented non-Muslim migrants from the three neighbouring countries, introducing a religious criterion for Indian citizenship for the first time. With anxieties already running high over a proposed National Register of Citizens, the law’s passage in Parliament in December sparked a wave of protests, mostly by Muslims who fear CAA and NRC could be used together to disenfranchise them.

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