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Art will pay the bills: Fitoor, an online marketplace assisting local artists to sell their artwork.

Art will pay the bills: Fitoor, an online marketplace assisting local artists to sell their artwork.


What is Fitoor: Fitoor is an online marketplace based in Karachi which provides a platform for local artists to sell their artwork with the comfort of their home. Fitoor finds valuable buyers for artwork precisely produced by local artists. This initiative was started by three young students; Muhmmad Mussa, Areebah Akhlaque, Murtaza Salman.

Muhmmad Mussa
Areebah Akhlaque
Murtaza Salman

Background: Muhmmad Mussa, CEO of the company told ProperGaanda in an interview about the thought process behind this project. Nine months ago, Fitoor came into existence when Mussa was working on a university project about online marketing. He soon realized that there is almost no proper platform for local artists to sell their artwork and this has created a vacuum between buyer and seller. To fill that vacuum with a proper channel Mussa along with two partners Areebah and Murtaza came up with Fitoor.

Driving force: Fitoor believes that in the modern world, Art should not be inaccessible. For a very long time of world history, Art and its ownership was associated with elite class. Only few can produce artwork and only few can enjoy the luxury of owning it. To break this stereotype Fitoor not only makes sure that its customers can afford artwork but also encourages local artists to submit their pieces.

How do they work: if you’re a buyer the procedure is as simple as any other online shopping website. But if you’re a local artist all you have to do is; visit their website and get registered. Add your artwork and leave the rest to Fitoor’s management.

But why Fitoor: Big galleries and extravaganza art dealers have exploited local talent through different ways. Fitoor’s motto is “Art can pay bills” and that’s why they provide a fair share to their artists along with encouragement and dignity. According to the company statistics, they have sold more than 500 art pieces. Currently 305 artists are working with them and almost 80% are women.

Art is the purest form of human expression and everyone has a right to make, enjoy and own it without the socio-economic constraints. Pakistani artists are highly efficient and extremely talented but unfortunately lack of resources and opportunities compel some of them to leave their passion behind. On the bright side we are witnessing platforms like Fitoor who genuinely appreciate artists and their capabilities. 

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