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Zartaj Gul: The climate ministry has benefited from coronavirus

Zartaj Gul: The climate ministry has benefited from coronavirus


The ministry of state for climate change benefited from the coronavirus, said minister Zartaj Gul.

How did the climate ministry benefit?

Gul pointed out the improved Air Quality Index (AQI) of Pakistan, which dropped from 117 to 69 in Karachi, from 195 to 51 in Lahore and 194 to 87 in Peshawar. This decrease, she said, was caused by the lock-down which limited factory and automobile emissions due to the decrease in industrial work and transport.

Why is this important?

According to the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, approximate 128,000 people lose their lives annually to diseases associated with air pollution. The WHO has said that nine out of ten people in the world breathe polluted air, which kills a total of seven million people every year. The decrease of air pollution in Pakistan is not uncommon, as many countries throughout the world reported a decrease in carbon emissions due to the lock-downs imposed by them, although, as countries slowly begin to reopen, experts predict that emissions might go up again, although some say that certain industries, such as the coal industry, will never recover. 

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