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A guide to Pakistan’s best online bookstores


A guide to Pakistan’s best online bookstores


As easy as it has become to access your favourite novels and books online with the world gravitating more and more towards laptops and tablet screens, some of us just cannot do without the feeling of an actual book in our hands. Nothing tops snuggling up in bed on these cold winter nights with a book to keep you all warmed up, right? (sad single nerd noises).

The closure of public libraries and in-person bookstores, not to mention the overwhelming amount of free time on our hands, due to the pandemic has had us scouring for books online. Online book shopping in Pakistan can be such a hassle though with every self-proclaimed ‘Largest Online Bookstore’ and their over-the-top prices, but the following list will help you get the most books in the least amount of money so it’s time to get your read on!


Let’s be real here. These stores might be categorized under expensive but these are also the outlets that provide books with the best page quality and also have the largest range to choose from.


This is one of the most famous online bookstores in Pakistan, and has a considerable variety of books available. They have hardback covers ranging up to Rs. 2,500 and more but also books as cheap as Rs. 250. Classics, especially, can be found for cheap here if you’re lucky. This store would likely always have what you’re looking for.

Liberty books and The Last Word

If you are out searching for the newest releases and untouched books with impressive page quality, these are the stores for you. Although comparatively quite expensive with their prices usually between Rs. 800 to Rs. 2,000 and above, they have the largest range of books and authors out of all the stores on this list.

Cheap and Cheap-ish:


You can find an appreciable variety of books on this store’s website. They have original books available, with some on sale which can really come in handy. Their price ranges from Rs.100 and Rs. 200 to over Rs. 2,000 for some books.


This website offers used books with different rates depending on the quality of the book available. It has a greater range of books with prices slightly higher than the stores that will follow but still worth checking out. What’s interesting about this store is that you can also sell books you no longer want.

Practically a steal:

These Instagram bookstores have all the classics and thousands of other options to choose from for the cheapest price possible. The only downside is the lack of availability of lesser-known books. You might not find all books you want from these stores but these are definitely good places to start looking before you move on to other, more expensive alternatives, as you can get paperbacks for prices as low as Rs.150-200, and going only as high as Rs. 350 for some. They always have amazing offers on. And, they take less than a week to deliver so you can have a new stack of books at your doorstep pronto.

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