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Yes, be cautious, but also chill bro

Yes, be cautious, but also chill bro


In the last week, COVOID-19 has gotten new notoriety, forcing world leaders into isolation, resulting in cancellation of sport leagues, restricting world travel and causing the market to plunge. All these things are bad, terrible, potentially disastrous – or whatever nasty acronym you can come up with. They all apply.

But does that mean we should go into mass hysteria and panic? There’s a group of individuals on Facebook and Twitter that is getting way too riled up about people making memes on the coronavirus. Somehow, memes are where we draw the line. Okay then millennials.

But listen, don’t go crazy just yet

Stock piling on groceries by those who have the means to buy in bulk is only raising costs for those who do not have the means to purchase them – so stop. Right now, panicking is a luxury our over taxed health care system and economy cannot afford.

It’s not a nuclear armageddon, you need to chill, because your panic may do more damage than good. If you are below 60, washing your hands regularly and generally keeping a safe distance from people, then most likely you are going to be just fine. Stop buying a gazillion hand sanitisers and toilet paper rolls, just wash your hands. You got to listen to WHO.

Social distancing, self enforced isolation and avoiding crowds is recommended. But don’t isolate yourself unnecessarily, protect yourself, but try to put the paranoia at bay.

But don’t be a goof either

At the same time, there are some people who are a little too chill about it. Yes, I’m looking at you brown uncles and aunties. First of all, please stop listening to your WhatsApp group advise. That’s a good start. Second, please start avoiding religious and social gatherings when possible. It’s literally a pandemic. While we don’t want you to panic, don’t be a goof either.

Your robust immune system, which has endured years of bad eating habits, doesn’t make you immune from Coronavirus, I sincerely hope you already know that. Surviving “khotay ka gosht” and COVID-19 is not the same thing. Unless ofcourse the “khota” developed a new strain of the flu, then that might just be your next pandemic.

Most people who are infected by coronavirus recover, the disease is mild in 80 percent of the people. But those who are over 60 and have a preexisting chronic illness are more susceptible to experiencing harsher symptoms. If you are experiencing symptoms, get checked early and take precautions so those around you don’t contract it – but before you google the next coronavirus article, just remember, 80 percent of people only experience mild symptoms and the recovery rate is one statistic you can’t ignore.

Still stressed? Watch this video.

4.7% of #coronavirus cases are fatal. #staycalm

Posted by ProperGaanda on Friday, March 13, 2020

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