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Yahoodi Sazish Is To Blame For Us Not Finding Oil

Yahoodi Sazish Is To Blame For Us Not Finding Oil

Hussain Saeed

If you hadn’t heard, offshore drilling at the Kekra-1 site
near Karachi has found no reserves of oil and gas, according to an official of
the Petroleum Division.

This was a big disappointment for the government, as they
had expected massive amounts of oil and gas reserves to be found within the
region. However, a couple of days later, our Prime Minister had some news about
where the oil went. “Yahoodi Sazish has stuck again. We have been trying to
gain access to this reserve for some time now but little did we know that the
Americans had already taken it.”

According to the government, while many people thought the
Iraq and Afghanistan War were about oil reserves in those countries, it was actually
about gaining access to our oil reserves. Rather than go directly into our
country, the “Yahoodi Sazish” invaded neighboring countries to distract the
world, and us, from their true intent.

This isn’t the first time they have tried to come for our
oil. Their imposition of the Shah of Iran was done on the deal of guaranteeing access
to our oil reserves. However, when Iran deposed the Shah, that deal was finished.
During this period, they have gotten about half of our reserves. But that wasn’t
enough. You know how the Yahoodi Sazish is, always greedy.

So they planned and planned, and eventually they heard about
this anti-US dude name Osama Bin Laden. They trained him to fight their war
against the Soviet Union, got him disenfranchised with them, and then blamed
him for an attack on their soil that they did carried out themselves. He was
even more than happy to take the blame for it, as it got earned him celebrity status,
which is all Osama Bin Laden ever wanted.

Now the government of Pakistan is raising their voice in the
international community, but no one is listening. The Yahoodi Sazish and their
lobby has figured out a way to suppress dissent and control everyone, including
the Lizard people who run the Illuminati. In this world, weaker countries do
not stand a chance against the tyranny of the world. They create systems that
only favor the few, by exploiting the many. How is our economy and government
to thrive if this is the world we live in?


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