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Woman slaps mall guard in Karachi, social media abuzz


Woman slaps mall guard in Karachi, social media abuzz


What happened:

A video of a woman slapping a guard outside Dolmen Mall, in Karachi has gone viral on social media. The woman involved in this incident has not yet been identified.

In the video a white Corolla can be seen stopped at an entry point into the Dolmen Mall parking area. A women in the video is standing next to the white Corolla before she is observed slapping a guard, who is sitting partially outside of the frame, and yelling, “Tumhari itni himat, auqat mein raho.” (How dare you, don’t act above your station).

According to the individual who posted the video the assault occurred due to the guard refusing the woman entry into the mall, because the mall’s opening times have been revised.

Netizens have been heavily criticising the woman for her behaviour, on social media. Many people are alleging that this is just another incident in a long line of bad behaviour by powerful elites who run amok in the country unchecked. Others are cautioning that more details of the incident need to be made clear before jumping to conclusions, this group believes there is a possibility that the guard may have misbehaved or harassed the woman first before getting slapped. While a third group of commentators are of the view that no matter what the situation the use of violence cannot be justified.

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