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Woman tortured to death by in-laws for not ‘giving birth to a son’

Woman tortured to death by in-laws for not ‘giving birth to a son’


Lahore: Saba, aged 30, died of severe torture wounds on parts of her body, distinctively on the neck, according to a report. The deceased was the mother of two minor daughters and was allegedly tortured to death by her in-laws in the Gujjarpura area ‘for not giving birth to a baby boy’. The police drafted her husband Jahangir, her brother-in-law Saleem, mother-in-law Nilo Begum and Jehangir’s brother-in-law Shabbir alias Babu.

The police officials, relatives of the woman, and the FIR stated that Saba was first subjected to severe torture and then strangled. Abid Ali alleged in the FIR that his sister, who married Jehangir some four years ago, gave birth to two daughters and one of them was four months old however, her in-laws wanted a son and they used to abuse her for giving birth to daughters. They continued abusing her and each time the matter had to be resolved on the intervention of the family’s elders.

He also reported that on Monday night, his brother Qasim and his friend Zeshan rushed to Saba’s home when they received a call about torture on her. When they entered the house, they found her unconscious with many torture marks on her face and neck,. Abid said that they immediately took her to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries and died. The police said the suspects fled the scene shortly after her death and a team has been dispatched for their arrest.

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