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Woman Retracts Sexual Harassment Allegation Against Ali Zafar

Woman Retracts Sexual Harassment Allegation Against Ali Zafar


A woman by the name of Sofi, (twitter: @seraphina444), had accused Ali Zafar of harassing a young girl last year, just a few hours after singer Meesha Shafi’s first statement, which had left the internet in a flurry.

Sofi had tweeted this out in support of Shafi’s MeToo case against Zafar; however, the tweet was deleted after her accusation was challenged by a Shaukat Khanum representative. Later, she also deleted her account.

On Monday, though, she reactivated it to issue a formal and public apology to Ali Zafar for making the ‘false allegation’ without knowing better.

According to her tweets, it seems she was misinformed about the incident that she accused Zafar of being a predator in.

According to her tweet, it seems as though as she was meant to testify against Ali Zafar for Meesha Shafi, further implying that Shafi has some ulterior motives.

Sofi has made many more tweets in her defense. So far, some have appreciated her coming forth and apologising, while others have showered her with criticism. There is speculation of the account being fake or having political ties to PTI.

This development comes after Meesha has filed a Rs. 2Bn damages suit against Zafar.

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