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Will the Abaya keep KPK students safe from harassment?

Will the Abaya keep KPK students safe from harassment?


Female students in government schools in KPK will be enforced to wear an abaya – as per the KPK government’s orders.

On Monday Ziaullah Bangash, the Adviser to Chief Minister on Elementary and Secondary Education, stated it will be mandatory for female students to cover themselves up in KPK’s educational institutions. The same rule was enforced in the district of Haripur earlier in the week. The covering can vary from an abaya, a gown or a chadar.

While speaking to a private news agency Bangash stated, “This step has been taken particularly to remove the doubts raised by parents about the safety of their children.”

The advisor stated the decision was taken as a measure to encourage parents to send girls to schools while still keeping cultural values in mind.

However, concerns arose when Samina Ghani, District Education Officer, stated female students were instructed to cover themselves “in order to protect them from any unethical incident”.

Critics view that such a measure would not be necessary had protocol been intact to prevent men and young boys from harassing women in the first place or at least a legal system where such an offence is penalised.

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