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Why Is Waheed Murad Called The Chocolate Hero?

Why Is Waheed Murad Called The Chocolate Hero?

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On what would have been the late film star’s 81st birthday, Google pays tribute to Waheed Murad with a charming doodle and short autobiography.

And undoubtedly, newer generations might be wondering why Murad is known as ‘The Chocolate Hero’. To answer that question, let’s first get acquainted with the Pakistani actor,producer and screenwriter.

  • Born in Sialkot on October 2, 1938, Waheed completed his bachelor’s from Karachi’s S.M. Arts College and masters in English Literature from Karachi University.
  • In 1959, Murad briefly appeared in the movie Saathi, which helped launch his acting career.

  • In 1966, he produced Armaan, which broke all box office records at the time and significantly impacted the movie industry in Pakistan; from there on, Murad became a substantial part of the silver screen scene at Lollywood.

  • For the next two decades, Murad starred in and produced many blockbuster films; the superstar gathered 52 film awards from 125 feature films.
  • Murad passed away at the tender age of 45 and was buried in Lahore’s Gulberg Graveyard.

Waheed won hearts from the big screen throughout two whole decades, spanning from 1960 to 1970; during that time, he was nicknamed as the ‘Chocolate Hero’ as he gained popularity for his fresh and slightly feminine facial features, as well as his swoon-worthy romantic performances.

In that age, boxes of chocolate would come illustrated with pictures of beautiful men and women, hence making his everlasting title appropriate and rightfully symbolic.

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