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Why is LUMS asking 2000+ students to return to campus during a pandemic?

Why is LUMS asking 2000+ students to return to campus during a pandemic?


The LUMS administration has proven, once again, that they are ignorant and insensitive regarding the pandemic we are facing. 

It started with a fee hike, one that LUMS’ students are still fighting against, which created nearly a 41 percent increase in our semester fees. They are now asking over 2000+ students to return to campus and evacuate their belongings from the dorms. One can only imagine the result from these many students being in close proximity over the span of this period. Keeping in mind that Pakistan has not even hit its peak in Covid 19 cases, asking these many students to travel from all across Pakistan (making use of public transport), they are being ignorant of the health and safety risks involved. Even if people follow SOP’s, they can not guarantee that infected people will not enter campus.

Furthermore, its incredibly insensitive on their part to assume that students can afford the travelling costs during a time when the economic situation of many households is so uncertain.

The cost of this renovation is that actual lives that will be lost. The Dean of Student Affairs is handling the situation insensitively stating how this is necessary for the university to prepare for a fall semester; however, keeping the situation in mind, this is nothing more than an excuse as it is unlikely to expect anything but an online semester this fall. The smarter solution would be to let students keep their old rooms and for the university to ensure the rooms remain untouched until students can return on campus.

This open letter has been received from a LUMS student who wishes to remain anonymous. The views and opinions represented in the open letter belong to the author alone and do not represent the views and opinions of ProperGaanda.

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