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Why I’m Marching At The Student Solidarity March: Amal Awais Chughtai

Why I’m Marching At The Student Solidarity March: Amal Awais Chughtai


Pakistan is seeing it’s second Student Solidarity March on Friday November 29t. Students from across the nation will be partaking on various campuses in an effort to improve education and academic environments.

Since it’s inception last year, there has been much controversy surrounding the event. ProperGaanda will be speaking to various attendees in an effort to uncover the controversy and criticism surrounding the historic event.

This is why Amal Awais Chughtai is marching.

“What motivates me to march this year is a feeling that is difficult to describe in one word. When I took part in the last Aurat March, what I experienced was something I had never felt before – freedom. It was only for a few hours, but what I saw on the streets was something I will always remember”

“The solidarity between all of us, regardless of our age, our class, our gender or sexual orientation, and the safety to express those differences is what made the March safe for me. And that is why I am determined to march again”.

Amal Awais Chughtai is a hardcore feminist, astrology enthusiast, and cat person, and is currently working at a local NGO working for gender minorities.

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