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Why are Indian cannabis dealers switching over to selling hash oil?


Why are Indian cannabis dealers switching over to selling hash oil?


A recent report published by Vice Media states dealers in India are switching from selling cannabis to dealing in hash oil.

Inside the story: In the past year, law enforcement agencies in India have been cracking down on cannabis dealers, especially in the state of Andhra Pradesh which has emerged as the country’s new cannabis capital. With the rise in crackdowns, dealers are now switching to hashish oil, which is much more easier to conceal and transport. Agencies have noted that dealers are now processing dry cannabis in remote areas to produce hashish oil which is then easily transported in portable vaporizer pens or e-cigarettes and even plastic containers and bottles.

Looking at the stats: According to The Times of India, more than 3,000 kgs of marijuana were seized from Andhra Pradesh’s capital Visakhapatnam with over 170 arrests. The change in the trend also has to do with cost: while a kilogram of marijuana sells for $41-69 the same amount of hash oils sells for $343-686.

What the Narcotics Control Bureau has said: “Of late, a syndicate from Kerala has been found to be involved in trafficking hashish oil from Andhra Pradesh to Bengaluru and Kerala and further exporting it to the Middle East, Maldives and Sri Lanka.”

What else: The report stated in most cases consumers themselves are going on to become drug dealers. Moreover, hash oil is being prepared using cannabis paste along with additional ingredients such as poppy seeds and other narcotic substances.

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