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What you need to know about the harassment incident at IBA

What you need to know about the harassment incident at IBA


T/W: Assault 

A week ago, a harassment incident allegedly took place in the Institute of Business Administration at Karachi University. According to reports, a non teaching staff member was allegedly harassed by another staff member within university premises.  

In the aftermath of the incident, a faculty member wrote an email to the administration and requested to start an inquiry, which brought the issue to light. After investigation by the university anti-sexual harassment committee, the accused staff member, Ayatullah Memon, who was in-charge of an academic block in IBA’s main campus has been prohibited within university vicinity. The committee is led by IBA associate Dean Dr. Sayeed Ghani. 

Recently some witnesses told E-Tribune under the condition of anonymity that the victim has denied the claim in an email she wrote to the administration. According to her she felt sick while working and had called Memon for help, but students who witnessed the incident seem to disagree.

During the first meeting with the anti harassment committee, her email was read out loud and statements of eye witnesses were submitted in person and also noted for the record.

According to the students, “some faculty members rushed to a room when they heard a woman’s scream coming from there. Upon reaching it, they found its door locked from inside“.

Adding that, “Memon came outside the room, shouting that a female staff member inside was not feeling well. Upon entering the room, they saw the woman coughing and holding her head.”

On inquiring Memon why the door was locked, he replied that the woman was praying (in his room). CCTV footage of the incident was also shared with committee members during the meeting.

After the issue got attention on social media many students shared their concerns about the safety and security at campus. The HR department of IBA university has sent a long email in which they assured the students that the administration is looking into the matter quite seriously and would appreciate it if students just don’t discuss the incident on social media. Any post/comment which targets the dignity of the institution by any student would be considered a disciplinary matter.

We did try to reach out to the IBA administration for their comment on the incident but got no reply as yet.

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