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What Tourism Day?


It is a tragedy that World Tourism Day on September 27th passed by with no celebration or event taking place in the tourism hub of Pakistan – Gilgit.

After the ignorance shown towards the day, The Pakistan Association of Tour Operators (Pato) stated that the authorities should have taken the responsibility. They claimed that the lack of even a discussion let alone an event is problematic for the tourism industry of Pakistan.

PATO voiced their concern how Pakistan misses out on generating millions merely because of lack of promotion of the tourism industry. They believe that by doing so not only can they help create more employment opportunities but can also help break the otherwise crude image of the country that is being created by the media.

Source: My Gilgit

It is imperative that the newly elected government realizes the importance of creating awareness. Only then can a specific image of the country be promoted, and people be encouraged to work towards the promotion of tourism.

Source: My Gilgit

Countries across the world were busy promoting their tourism industries through events, conferences, and seminars. Several even held activities to expose people to the possibilities and opportunities tourism created.

However, in Pakistan, specifically in Gilgit, the day was completely ignored.

Several people have taken to the PM and demanded an explanation. They are reminding the prime minister why the promise made to promote this industry before coming into power was overlooked.

Pakistan has often been in troubled waters mainly because of its rocky relationships with the West and the problematic portrayal of terrorism in real time and the media alike. Despite the biased opinions, there exists a separate side of Pakistan that is often unexplored and always overlooked by people seeking the negative.

It is pitiful that on an international day being celebrated worldwide, the government failed to make prominent the scenic beauty and the vast opportunities available for travelers in Gilgit.

Politics aside, promoting a softer, welcoming and aesthetically appealing view of Pakistan is equally important. More than that, the visitation of tourists can only help develop a stronger economy and create better job opportunities for those residing in these areas.

PM Khan’s promises need to be taken to fruition to ensure that the new benchmarks set to achieve “Naya Pakistan” are actively being met. Ignoring an international day is not the way to go about it.

Rida Khalid

An English Literature graduate with a passion for Psychology. An avid reader, writer, poet (self-proclaimed) and part-time fitness trainer. Currently working with NIC, Lahore. I spin words to make my narcissistic wit sound like diffident profundity. The above feels a lot like braggadocio, meh!

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