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What is Broadsheet and what is PM Imran Khan saying about it?

What is Broadsheet and what is PM Imran Khan saying about it?


Broadsheet and Pakistan

Broadsheet LLC is a UK asset recovery firm that Pakistan hired about 20 years ago to investigate and recover UK-based assets of Pakistanis, it also helped establish the National Accountability Bureau.

Up till now, Pakistan has paid about $28.7 Million to the firm, however it demands more. 

Broadsheet on Nawaz Sharif

ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

After the Panama leaks, the Pakistan government launched an investigation for Nawaz’s assets and found out about his two luxury apartments in London and a steel mill in Saudi Arabia causing him to be toppled in July 2017. 

Broadsheet CEO, Kaveh Moussavi

Recently, Broadsheet CEO Kaveh Moussavi claimed that Sharif’s representative approached him in 2012 and offered him a bribe of $25 million to drop the investigation against him.

Imran Khan’s comments on the controversy

PM Imran Khan addressed the issue via Twitter and mentioned that the firm had only discovered the “tip of the iceberg”. He also mentioned that he predicted this long ago in his “24-year fight against corruption which is the biggest threat to the country’s progress” 

Sharif’s response

Hussain Nawaz, son of ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz’s son, Hussain Nawaz rejected the claims, saying that Moussavi has no relatives of the name Anjum Dar, the alleged representative of Sharif who approached CEO Broadsheet. He also emphasized that Moussavi should have investigated the person before making such claims and called him a ‘poor investigator’ in this manner.

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