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Violent clashes between TLP workers and police at Faizabad, as protest continues for second day


Violent clashes between TLP workers and police at Faizabad, as protest continues for second day


Dozens of police officers have been injured in violent clashes with Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) supporters, at Faizabad. The TLP protest against blasphemous caricatures published in France has continued for the second consecutive day, today.

The TLP protestors are staging a sit in at the Faizabad interchange and demanding the expulsion of the French Ambassador from Pakistan. Police have deployed tear gas in an effort to disperse the protestors, after initial attempts to clear the area were met with violence from the TLP supporters.

Many police officers have been injured in the clashes with protestors, including Waris Khan police station SHO Abdul Aziz. Injured police personnel and TLP protestors have been shifted to local hospitals. 

The protest started in the form of a rally in Liaqat Bagh, Rawalpindi. The rally drew up to 5,000 people on Sunday, who have since marched to Faizabad. The protestors are mainly gathered around the roadblock at the interchange which is preventing their entry, en-masse, into the capital. The Islamabad administration has deployed 3,113 security personnel including police, Rangers and Frontier Corps at Faizabad.

Mobile signals are still suspended in the twin cities. Entry points into Islamabad have been blocked using containers, and roads leading to Faizabad interchange are also blocked. As many as 16 entry points to Islamabad and 24 entry points to Rawalpindi are blocked with shipping containers.

The protest has been the cause of much upset for citizens of the twins cities, many of whom took to twitter to complain about the general atmosphere of fear and missing important appointments like exams, etc.

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