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Video of singer Bilal Saeed assaulting a couple goes viral

Video of singer Bilal Saeed assaulting a couple goes viral


What Happened?

A recent video of celebrity singer Bilal Saeed circulated on social media a couple of days back where he is seen punching and slapping a man and a woman while being surrounded by the Dolphin Force in Lahore. The video is reportedly taken by the singer’s neighbours.

What’s the back story?

Reportedly this event between the three subjects took place earlier this year on the 10th of January. It is said that the man we see Bilal hitting is his own younger brother and the woman is his sister-in-law.

The fight took place in the day after a disagreement between the brothers which led to a physical fight and Bilal’s neighbours then called the Dolphin Force who are seen trying to settle the matter.

What happened next?

It has been reported that the younger brother has filed an application for the incident against his elder brother, singer Bilal Saeed with the local police station. The team there summoned the singer and both brothers were asked to sort it out as the police usually do not get involved in a personal family matter such as this one. The two brothers then made peace and the entire matter was resolved.

Why did the video publish now?

The video of this incident being posted after almost a month from when it took place is quite suspicious and many believe it may be a publicity stunt.

What does the singer have to say?

After #BilalSaeed trended on Twitter, the singer addressed the video with the following words:

“I know how to respect a women and I know how to protect a women too! I raised my hand to protect my family.This is what they did to me while I was away from my house! And that’s not about it I have been victim of their blackmailing and unfair behaviour for a very long time! I stayed quite because obviously as an artist my priority is my career but these people have been taking advantage of my situation for a very long time!”

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