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Usman Buzdar’s beef with Dawn News explained

Usman Buzdar’s beef with Dawn News explained


In an opinion piece recently published in Dawn news reported that Usman Buzdar, the Chief Minister of Punjab, reportedly said, “Yeh corona kaat-ta kaisay hai? (how does this corona bite)?”

In the piece, Fahd Hussain, the writer continues to use Buzdar’s lack of knowledge of the pandemic to question the ability of the government to take appropriate measures against the spread of coronavirus in Pakistan. The majority of the piece doesn’t really has anything to do with Buzdar. However, the CM Punjab didn’t like what was qouted about him in the piece and has claimed that it is fake news.

It is being reported that Buzdar has filed a defamation case against Fahd Hussain on the basis of him reporting fake news about him.

But is it really fake news?

The article written by Fahd Hussain isn’t even a report. It’s an opinion piece talking about how the leadership is shying away from spending money on commodities needed for coronavirus in fear of NAB. This is the crux of the article, and the incident with Usman Buzdar was only used to emphazie the ignorance the leadership has towards the pandemic. Usman Buzdar is not a lowly minister . He’s the chief minister of Punjab, which puts him on the spot for caring of the province and ensuring that coronavirus doesn’t gets worse in Punjab. But it turns out that he doesn’t even knows what he’s supposed to protect the province against.

And for the record, corona doesn’t bites.

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  1. Abdul Samad March 21, 2020

    I didn’t clicked on your link to just read what I already know. We open your link and do all this effort to read something new! Sad.

  2. Anonymous March 21, 2020

    Such a lame article, made zero sense


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