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Ushna Shah is A Fierce, Unapologetic Woman But For All The Wrong Reasons

Ushna Shah is A Fierce, Unapologetic Woman But For All The Wrong Reasons

Zaynah Maroof

Ushna took to Twitter last night to rant about a pizza delivery guy who refused to step into her house at 2:30 am in the presence of a raging pet pitbull

The Balaa star had ordered pizza late in the night and couldn’t get the delivery guy to come inside and deliver the food. For some reason, Ushna thought it a good idea to share her sexist and mean jeers at the deliveryman with the Twitterverse, but Twitteratis haven’t been appreciative of it.

Clearly, Ushna thought the not so obvious fact about her friendly dog and her admitting to sexism would be humoured online as well. However, no one got the joke.

Everyone called her out over her abrasive dialogue

Some pointed out her privilege for her

While others kept it matter-of-factual

After all this, you’d think Ushna would have the decency to delete her post and apologize to Twitter, if not to the delivery man. However, Ushna stands by her statements.

She then tried to turn it into a feminist argument by mentioning masculinity

When that didn’t work, Ushna decided to post this essay long justification for her words

And yet, people still aren’t happy. We wonder what could possibly be missing from Ushna’s defence that could maybe fix things?

An apology? Or another rant? We’ll let Ushna decide.

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