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USA is becoming just another third world country for some very obvious reasons

USA is becoming just another third world country for some very obvious reasons


If we look at 2020, nearly every country has faced the repercussions of pandemic through economic downfall or social unrest.

But America has shown itself to be exceptional in the worst possible ways. No other rich country has such a poor public health infrastructure and shattered social safety net. America’s levels of both police violence and violent crime resembles countries like Venezuela and South Africa. And funnily countries like Cuba and Bosnia and Herzegovina have beat the world’s only superpower in infant mortality and other key social indicators.

Keeping mind the horrifying fact, the USA has still maintained a popular suffrage and democratic institutions (for white males, at least) for two centuries associated that form of government with a dynamic capitalist economy capable of creating vast wealth.

After the election the political fiasco of America has depicted its worst traits which coincidentally similar to third world countries. America has failed miserably at setting an image for all those countries who looked up at it for hope and assistance.

It shouldn’t come as a shocker for us as we all are pretty aware of US incompetent Trump administration. But it is safe to say that no matter how much anti imperial hate we all had for America we never imagined to see almost 200,000+ people dying from a very much avoidable crisis. 

For the past two decades many scholars and pundits have been praising “american efforts” in restoring order either social, political or economical in third world countries but 2020 has surely turned the table around. 

America is moving in the abyss of disaster and misery with uncontrollable social unrest. Not to mention the power transition crisis is the last nail into the coffin of American spirit. 

Historians never imagined that the champion of democracy would have to face authoritarian issues. So it might not be wrong to say that the United States of America is nothing but a third world country with fancy PR. 

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