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University of Karachi creates insecticide to battle against locusts

University of Karachi creates insecticide to battle against locusts


The University of Karachi’s Research Institute of Chemistry has developed a plant-based insecticide to help against the ongoing battle with locusts in the Sindh region.

The News reported that the insecticide, which is plant-based, is a highly effective mode of defence against the locusts.

The News reported that, according to the findings of a Tharparker based NGO, 600 fruit-trees sprayed with the plant-based insecticide were protected from a recent locusts attack.

An unexpected swarm of locusts hit the country, and in particular the Sindh region, this year. Both urban and rural areas were affected and the authorities and farmers were highly unprepared to deal with the locusts attacks.

During the attack, the locusts were able to destroy hundreds of thousands of acres of crops across land in Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab. The General Secretary of the Dua Founation, Fayyaz Alam, made a statement about the issue saying, “Locusts destroyed crops spread over thousands of acres of land in Sindh, including Tharparkar. However, around 600 fruit trees, which were sprayed with locally-developed insecticide remained protected,” 

“We used this insecticide half-heartedly but it proved to be an effective tool against locusts,” he added. He requested the relevant authorities to start its production on an industrial scale. 

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