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University expels student for speaking out against online classes  

University expels student for speaking out against online classes  


Usman Mehmood of the Capital University of Science and Technology in Islamabad was expelled for speaking out against online classes.

Why was he expelled?

Mehmood and other students gathered around the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to protest the high fees being charged by their universities despite the prevalence of online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, the university sent him a letter and expelled him for using “social media to instigate other students of the University to physically protest online classes”.

Was there backlash against the expulsion?

Chair of the senate Committee on Human Rights Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar of the Pakistan People’s Party condemned the decision, and said that, by speaking out, the student exercised his “constitutional right to protest”. He went on to demand that the HEC reinstate the student immediately. He warned that failure to do so would result in the Vice-Chancellor of the university being brought before the human rights committee to explain his university’s actions.

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