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Khalid Malik reminds fans that ‘life is still good’ as tweet goes viral

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Khalid Malik reminds fans that ‘life is still good’ as tweet goes viral


The Tweet: Twitter user @MoosaAbbas23 posted a nostalgic tweet reminiscing about how sweet mornings were listening to renowned radio show host Khalid Malik. His tweet recalled how Khalid’s energy made early mornings to school in the early 2010s fun and joyful, as he quotes ‘life was good’.

The tweet recalling memories with Khalid Malik

Khalid’s appreciation: We shared the tweet on our Instagram handle, asking our readers to share similar memories. Khalid Malik came across our post and left a very wholesome comment on how all the love and appreciation makes him feel, thanking his listeners across the country.

Khalid’s wholesome response

Fan Love: Multiple users shared the tweet recalling their sweet morning memories fueled by Khalid’s energetic aura. People recalled how important the show was to their morning routines. Memories were shared about how religiously they followed his show, participated with texts, and went out of their way to enjoy the experience.

A user shares how she would take “phone loans” to participate in the show
Another listener mentions how emotional his last day on City FM 89 was

Still in the game: Khalid Malik signed his message off mentioning he is still on air with the “same energy” at FM 91, as he sent hugs to all his listeners and admirers. You can tune into his show Monday-Friday 8AM-11AM.

Khalid encourages users to come listen to him on FM 91, and tells them “life is still good”.
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