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This is what you need to know about the defamation campaign against Aurat March

This is what you need to know about the defamation campaign against Aurat March


Aurat March has been subjected to online propaganda. A number of doctored videos and images have been doing the rounds on social media framing the Aurat Marchers as blasphemers, over 200 journalists and activists have said in a statement

“We strongly condemn the deliberate, irresponsible, and malicious circulation of falsely captioned videos and media from the Aurat Marches.”, they said. 

The doctored content shared by mainstream journalists such as Ansar Abbasi and Orya Maqbool Jan, as well several politicians without verification, they added. 

There was no blasphemous content on banners and the banner being pointed out was written with the testimony of female victim who was molested by a 50-year-old Qari when she was nine years old. The banner had nothing to do with any religious figure and nor did the women did not chant any blasphemous slogans. 

The third allegation is of the religious words being used while they clarified that the words were ‘Mullah’, ‘Fazloo’ (Fazlur Rehman), ‘Ansar’ (Abbasi) and Orya (Maqbool Jan). 

Fake subtitles were added to the video of the slogans to make them sound blasphemous. Aurat March Karachi has shared the full list of slogans in the video being circulated as blasphemous. 

Due to malicious propaganda against Aurat March, banned terror group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan on Friday issued threats to the organisers of the march, accusing them of ‘spreading obscenity and vulgarity’ in Pakistan. 

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