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Trump slams Parasite for winning the academy awards

Trump slams Parasite for winning the academy awards


US President Donald Trump thinks ‘Parasite’ did not deserve to win the academy because it was South Korean.

“How bad were the Academy Awards this year, did you see? ‘And the winner is … a movie from South Korea,'” Trump said as he ranted about the Oscars at a rally in Colorado

“What the hell was that all about?” he continued, “We’ve got enough problems with South Korea with trade, on top of it they give them the best movie of the year?” he asked.

Parasite’s historic win marked the first foreign language film to ever win the academy awards. Their historic win set a precedent that good art always prevails.

However, Trump thinks otherwise. Trump commented on the 70 year old history of the Oscars. He also referenced ‘Gone with the wind’ and ‘Sunset Boulevard’. He kept mimicking the announcer as he dramatically made the winning announcement.

Trump said he didn’t know if “Parasite” was good. “I thought it was best foreign film, best foreign movie — no, it was the best. Did this ever happen before?”

Neon is Parasite’s North American distributor, and it has been loving life since that Best Picture win (as evidenced by its increasingly dramatic plans to get the film out in front of more people). So, naturally, it had to clap back at this chump who dared to disrespect the first foreign-language film to ever win Best Picture at the Academy Awards:

Trump’s rant also expanded to Brad Pitt, whose winning speech commented on his impeachment trial.

“I was never a big fan of his,” Trump said. “He got up, said a little wise-guy statement. Little wise guy, he’s a little wise guy.”

But what did Brad Pitt say?

Brad Pitt’s speech took a very political narrative as soon as he started commenting on Trump’s impeachment trial.

“They told me I only had 45 seconds up here, which is 45 seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week,” Pitt said. “I’m thinking maybe Quentin (Tarantino) does a movie about it and in the end the adults do the right thing.”

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