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Trump is losing the election and his mind


In just few month American elections have brought the most intense political drama. Analysts and political scientists are worried about the outcome of the results. According to the experts, even if Trump loses he might not transfer the power peacefully. This depicts his ego driven behavior which some psychologists believe; is a major threat to the American democracy now.

What Happened: Donald Trump declared his pseudo victory on election night when he lacked even an Electoral College lead. Like an emotional seismograph, he has calibrated his words and actions to what he senses he can get away with. He lied throughout his press conference so much that public channels had to cut off their coverage. Trump made a claim about stealing the votes and illegal votes

What psychologist says: This is what mental health professionals have understood and warned for nearly four years. In early 2017, luminaries of the field such as Drs. Robert Jay Lifton, Judith Herman and James Gilligan convened at Yale School of Medicine, believing we had a duty to share our perspective. Doubly disturbing was the decision by the American Psychiatric Association to strengthen an outdated “gag rule,” so much so as to eliminate our societal responsibility against all core tenets of medical ethics, in order to privilege a political figure. This alarming act within two months of inauguration for us portended authoritarianism, or the ceding of all institutional and professional authority to power.

What’s next: The coming weeks and months will be the most dangerous period of this presidency, during which we can expect Donald Trump to go to any lengths to stay in power. American presidential system has created an abuser of the nation, bloated with entitlement and delusions of impunity over the years. Donald Trump might be only the only who have flaunted his violence as compared to his predecessor

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