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Troubled Mental Health – The Silent Killer

Troubled Mental Health – The Silent Killer


Over the past couple of years, people all over the world have begun to understand the much-tabooed subject of mental health. Celebrities across the globe have also become ambassadors of the topic and have taken to the media to share their personal journeys with problems like anxiety and depression.

However, amidst them all, there have been several known personalities that have found themselves unable to deal and live with the stresses the notion bears.

Since 2013 there have been 28 suicides in Hollywood alone. Across the border actors like Deepika Padukone have taken to the media to talk about her struggle with depression. Within the borders, the infamous Momina Mustehsan and Saheefa Jabbar have also taken to their respective social media accounts to raise awareness.

However, with the numbers spiking each year and with cases getting more gruesome than the last, it is eerie how the state of mind has altered in Hollywood. Here are some of the most shocking suicides in Hollywood over the past year.

Chris Cornell

Cornell was allegedly struggling with depression for most of his life. Succumbing to the anxiety, Cornell took his own life on May 18th in 2017 while in Detroit. Cornell hung himself merely hours post his performance at a Soundgarden concert.

Chester Bennington

Just 2 months after Cornell, Chester Bennington also passed away. The infamous lead singer of Linkin Park was a favorite of many and some would say helped many make sense of the terrible teens. Much to the dismay of the millions of fans of Numb, Bennington took his own life by hanging himself on July 20, 2017. He was found unconscious in his home at Palos Verdes Estates, California.


The 28-year-old DJ took his own life by cutting himself with a broken wine bottle. Avicii was said to be experiencing a lot of health problems including pancreatitis, excessive drinking, depression, and anxiety. He also had a surgery in 2014 that eventually led to bigger problems concerning his health. Avicii’s body was found unconscious on April 20th in Oman, where he was said to have been on vacation.

Kate Spade

Much to the dismay of the fashion world and everyone else, designer Kate Spade took her own life earlier this month. Spade who was known for her iconic and incredibly easy to get handbag line amalgamating mainstream and high-end fashion took her own life last Tuesday. The 55-year-old was found unconscious in her Manhattan apartment. Nearby a note was found addressed to her daughter that read; “don’t feel guilty. It is not your fault. Ask your dad.” Her divorce is said to have aggravated depression that led to the suicide.

Anthony Bourdain

Bourdain made a name for himself as a celebrity chef who traveled the world. He believed that the world could be connected with their sheer love for food. His personality was larger-than-life. He was a global explorer of culture, cuisine and the human form. This 61-year-old chef, writer, and host of “Parts Unknown” hung himself on Friday in a luxury hotel where he was staying to film his show.

It truly doesn’t matter what your stature in the social world; your mental health is what identifies your true state of mind and being. Where several philosophers in the past have gone on to call man a melancholic animal, it is high time we acknowledge the plague that has caught on and is constantly on the rise.

What Can We Do To Promote Mental Health?

Several helplines have now been set up to ensure any individual experiencing thoughts of self-annihilation can be catered to. Human life is fragile and easily influenced by both internal and external stimuli. Where in some cases the latter can be controlled, the former does more damage. Since early 2000’s the suicide rate across the globe has only risen. The most prominent cause of this is none other than mental health degradation.

As a society – both local and part of the global community – it is imperative that we acknowledge the existence of mental health so that we may begin our journey towards remedying those in need. Acknowledging depressing and anxiety is not what makes it a tabooed or hushed subject. Despite your age, fame, house, family, or surroundings; anyone can experience an imbalance of the mind leading to thoughts that don’t seem to make sense but are overpowering enough to force you to take your own life. Perhaps the biggest problem as demonstrated by the many examples above is that people with seemingly normal and healthy lives suffer deep within. We live in communities and it is up to us to be aware of those in our surroundings. A person with depression might not always cry out for help, it is the subtle change in behavior that hints towards mental troubles. By being more alert we can do our part in ensuring suicide rates fall as low as possible this year.

It is our job to help those who don’t even ask for help.

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