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Decade-long treasure-hunt for $1m chest comes to an end

Decade-long treasure-hunt for $1m chest comes to an end


A treasure chest filled with valuables such as gold and jewelry worth over $1 million has been found in the Rocky Mountains of North America. 

Who hid the chest? 

The chest had been hidden by collector and millionaire Forrest Fenn, who created a treasure hunt for people to find it, over a decade ago. Hundreds of thousands of people are believed to have searched for it, with at least four dying in their efforts. Fenn had placed the chest “under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky mountains” and it had not moved in the past decade. 

Who found it? 

Fenn refrained from naming the individual who found it, but said he did not personally know him. The individual had confirmed finding the chest via a picture he sent to Fenn. Fenn explained that a 24-line poem in his autobiography The Thrill of the Chase led the individual to the location of the treasure chest. 

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