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Trans Comedian Anaya Sheikh is back in the comedy circuit after a year break. She left comedy after a heckle incident in Lahore, 2019

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Trans Comedian Anaya Sheikh is back in the comedy circuit after a year break. She left comedy after a heckle incident in Lahore, 2019


What happened: Anaya Sheikh, a Trans comedian, is setting her foot back in the game after a year. Anaya has worked with feminist comedy group “Auratnaak” but after November, 2019 Anaya left the circuit because of an incident. 

Background: Anaya Sheikh was heckled and harassed onstage with abusive slurs during her performance by YouTube prankster Sharik Shah at a comedy night held at a café in Johar Town 


Propergaanda reached out to Anaya Sheikh to comment about her comeback. We don’t have to explain it anymore because she summed it up very eloquently. 

Well I kept silent for a year because I needed this time to heal from the trauma that I suffered in Nov, 2019. I decided back then that I won’t do standup comedy ever and rejected many offers since then as I lost the confidence to do it and own my gender. When I used to be on stage I never felt discriminated against. I felt more powerful but that one man May Allah give him Hidayah ravaged my confidence. I got overwhelmed with the response from the people I got so many msgs and so many well wishes which helped me to start gaining back my confidence. It was not my audiences fault it was not my fault it was only his fault that he couldn’t stop himself from hurting a fellow performer I would have accepted the critics on my jokes but he chose to make fun of my gender my body people like him are the reasons we TRANS community is still struggling for our rights and being part of Trans Rights movement I cannot stop what I do to spread awareness and that Is one of my passions Standup comedy. I always use to make jokes which have a hidden msg about the behaviors and things we face which can be funny at the same time as well but it always helps in spreading the msg. and Oh my this time I have some good stuff very new very good and after a year I have decided to do a show with one of my biggest supporters HAZIK Ali who have proved to be a good friend and amazing human who always had my back and kept me motivated in times when I wanted to surrender. So be ready Lahore cuz I am coming with HaZIk Ali on 12th of December in strictly social one of my fav places. Again thanks everyone who stood up for me and who even sent me wishes. It’s your positivity which gave me hope to stand up again and make you laugh.

Anaya ended the conversation with an advice for the young aspiring comedian, 

“Just be brave and we have a good future cuz people always need a good laugh” .

Propergaanda welcomes Anaya back to the game and wishes her all the best.

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