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Top 5 News Stories You Need To Know Right Now

Top 5 News Stories You Need To Know Right Now

Hussain Saeed

Imran Khan lays foundations for his Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme plan; says
everyone deserves a roof over their head

Imran Khan has finally revealed the foundational structure
of his new housing scheme, Naya Pakisran Housing Scheme. This new project is
aimed at providing affordable living for the poor. The premier, who was
speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in
Renala Khurd, said that it was the state’s job to ensure that every citizen has
access to shelter, food and other basic facilities. He was aware of how hard of
a task it will be.

“This is a difficult task, otherwise the past two governments would have taken [this project] up,” he said. “Our government will take up every difficult task.”

He even went on to outline some of the problems he faced
while trying to get this project of the ground, while also painting a path for
the future. He went further and talked about building apartment high-rises to accommodate
shanty town populations. Imran even indicated asking the Chinese for help with
this as well.

The truth is this is pretty big task to take above yourself.
If successful, could be his defining moment. If not, it could be too, but for different

Battle of Winterfell maybe over, but Kit Harrington’s favorite episode is about
to come out

You must still be recovering from the epic and jaw-dropping third
episode from the popular series Game of Thrones, but it’s time to get over it!
The battle is over, and with only three episodes left, we want to know what
happens! Well, luckily for us, the forth episode of Game of Thrones is about to
come out! And guess who’s more excited that you about it? JON SNOW!

Well not really Jon Snow, but Kit Harrington, the actor who
plays him. Kit has indicated that this is his favorite episode of the season. “One
of my favorite episodes is 4 because the characters have seemingly got what
they needed,” Harington says of the roughly 20 main characters still gathered
at Winterfell. “The world is safe now. They’re celebrating and saying goodbye
to lost friends.”

But as an audience you’re going, ‘This is only episode 4, something’s going to happen.’

And that’s the cool thing because I think the characters are
aware of this as well. There’s something twisted and uncomfortable about it.
It’s so Shakespearian.” I can’t speak for you, but I certainly cannot wait
for this episode to air.

Cyclone Fani UPDATE; At least nine dead as cyclone comes into Bangladesh

Cyclone Fani, one of the biggest to hit India in years, has
gone into Bangladesh on Saturday after leaving a trail of deadly destruction in

Thanks to mass evacuations well ahead of time though, a major human disaster of the kind seen in previous cyclones looked to have been averted.

Bangladeshi police said nine people perished even before the
eye of the storm crossed the border on Saturday morning. Eight others died in
India, press reports said, although officials could not confirm this.

More than 1.6 million people have been taken to shelters,
Bangladeshi officials told AFP, with at least 36 villages flooded after a storm
surge breached embankments in coastal areas. This shows to you how
precautionary measures by the State can literally save millions. The Indian and
Bangladeshi state did a great job is preventing a national disaster.

Meesha Shafi accuses judge of favoritism; files petition of ‘no confidence’
in judge hearing defamation case

Singer Meesha Shafi on Saturday filed an application of no
confidence in the additional district judge, who is hearing the defamation case
filed by her peer, Ali Zafar.

According to the filed petition, Shafi’s legal team alleged
that Additional District Judge Shakeel Ahmad is exhibiting prejudice during the
hearing. As a result, they are requested that the case be transferred to
another court.

Judge Ahmad “has shown a clear and obvious bias in favour of the plaintiff which is apparent from the mode and manner in which he has so far conducted the proceedings”, the petition reads.

The complaint points to specific incidences that show the
judges biased attitude in favor of Ali Zafar.

The petition noted that the judge had “advised the
witnesses not to give long answers as he may contradict himself or he may
prejudice his own stance”. One another occasion, imposed a fine worth
Rs10,000 for the “non-appearance” of Shafi’s team, which had
requested an adjournment as a relative of one of the team’s members had passed

 Also, in one of the court statements, the judge, instead of giving legal reasons, wrote that “the allegation levelled by one of them, the defendant, is bizarre to say the least”.

The court accepting the lawyer’s request adjourned the
hearing of the case till May 11 and summoned additional witnesses to record
their statements.

It’s Cinco de Mayo! But why do Mexicans even celebrate it?

You may have heard that turn before, or seen it in movies or
in pop culture, but Cinco de Mayo is a pretty important and interesting part of
history. Also called Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, holiday celebrated in
parts of Mexico and the United States in honour of a military victory in 1862
over the French forces of Napoleon III.

In 1861, Mexico declared bankruptcy. West powers tried to
take advantage of their weak position (SOUND FAMILIAR) and take Mexican land.
After taking over some region, the French headed to the capital. On May 5,
1862, a poorly equipped mestizo and Zapotec force under the command of General
Ignacio Zaragoza defeated French troops at the Battle of Puebla, southeast of
Mexico City; about 1,000 French troops were killed.

Although the fighting continued and
the French were not driven out for another five years, the victory at Puebla
became a symbol of Mexican resistance to foreign domination.

The city, which was later renamed Puebla de Zaragoza, is the
site of a museum devoted to the battle, and the battlefield itself is
maintained as a park. Today, Mexicans all over the world celebrate the day with
insanely Mexican culture, like Tacos, Margaritas, guacamole and more. So go out
and eat some Mexican food and celebrate victory!


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