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Top 5 News Stories You Need To Know Right Now

Top 5 News Stories You Need To Know Right Now

Hussain Saeed

Gaza is under attack! Death toll rises as more than 600 rockets were fired during the weekend escalation between Israel-Palestine

The death toll rise Sunday as civilian casualties increased on both sides of the border after more than 600 rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza in less than 24 hours. The conflict started during a protest on Friday along the Gaza border. Protest turned violent.

more Palestinian protesters were killed by Israeli fire in separate incidents
along the border-four dead Palestinians.

Gaza responded with a barrage of rockets Saturday morning,
prompting Israel to retaliate with airstrikes. At least ten Palestinians,
including a pregnant mother and her baby, were killed and ninety more have been
hurt in the Palestinian enclave, according to Ashraf al Qudra, a Palestinian
Health Ministry spokesman. We hope and pray this type of violence ends, and the
escalation ends.

Punjab Assembly appoints former militant in committee to address the spread of sectarianism in books/ social media

In a meeting held just before the weekend, the Punjab
Assembly formed a committee to deal with the spread of sectarian violence and
the distortion of Islam through books and social media. Interestingly enough,
the assembly thought it was smart to put a former Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP
— Guardians of the Prophet’s Companions), now known as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ).
If you are not aware, the ASWJ is responsible for the killings of innocent Shia
civilians, the learned such as lawyers, doctors, poets, pilgrims, and the
religious and secular Shia community leaders.

From 2008 to 2012 alone, around 800 Shia civilians
were killed.

Doesn’t seem like a smart idea to put a man part of a group
responsible of for sectarian violence in a committee related to sectarian
violence. It was a tweet from Jibran Nasir that showed what mistake the
assembly did.

Sri Lanka deports over 600 foreign nationals since Easter Attack

Since the Eater bombings that rocked the country, over 600 foreign nationals, including 200 Islamic clerics. Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardena said the clerics had entered the country legally, but they had overstayed their visas.

“Considering the current situation in the country, we have reviewed
the visas system and took a decision to tighten visa restrictions for religious
teachers,” Abeywardena said. “Out of those who were sent out, about
200 were Islamic preachers.”

While overstaying your visa is never a good thing, it’s sad
to know that only after such a sad tragedy people actually start make the
system work.

Pakistan loses to England in T20 international

An exciting game came to an end with England beating
Pakistan by 7 wickets. Eoin Morgan smashed his way to a terrific 29 ball 57*
and ensured a 7 wicket win for England over Pakistan with 4 balls remaining in
the one off T20I at Cardiff.

But it wasn’t all gloom for us.

Babar Azam scores his 10th T20I fifty in just 30 innings –
jointly the MOST by a Pakistani batsman (with Mohammad Hafeez). Mohammad Hafeez
on the other hand scored 10 fifties in 86 innings. While many Pakistani fans
are upset, they feel proud of their players-which is the important part.

Lahore Literary Festival’s 4th edition ends in New York

The fourth edition of Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) ended
in New York Saturday night after discussions of Pakistan’s arts and literature.
Pakistani Ambassador to the UN, Maleeha Lodhi said this annual event was an
expression of the cultural renaissance in a time where is just so much

“The cultural landscape in Pakistan has seen a flowering of art, music,
literature, and yes, cinema too, all of which have presented a rich panorama of
creativity,” Ambassador Lodhi said.

Many distinguished speakers underlined Lahore’s standing as Pakistan’s cultural hub, and said LLF had brought ideas and showcased Pakistan’s talent before American audiences. They further emphasized that the festival had made a mark on cultural life.

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