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To all the Qasim Ali Shah’s of the world, just stop. I’m tired.

To all the Qasim Ali Shah’s of the world, just stop. I’m tired.


Not a day goes by in this country when women aren’t being raped, abused, murdered, or just generally having the life stifled out of them. And still, men like Qasim Ali Shah have the audacity to preach to us about our ‘ultimate roles’ in life. Which of course, is to start out as an unpaid maid and then graduate to being a pretty face attached to a womb. It baffles me how most men in our society cannot conceive the notion that a woman can just exist, that she can have her own desires and isn’t put on this Earth to serve them.

A basic marker of intelligent species is their ability to recognise themselves and make inferences, yet men like Qasim Ali Shah have failed even the most basic of metaphorical mirror tests.

To treat another human being with dignity and kindness, and to understand that they are, in fact, another human being only requires that you comprehend your own humanity first. So, how is it that vast swathes of the male gender are seemingly incapable of the most rudimentary functioning. Maybe they would understand if I explained it using things they’re already familiar with, i.e ego and narcissism. All of us, and men especially, have main character syndrome. In so far that we feel like the protagonist of a dystopian fantasy series— the chosen one whom the entire world depends on, the gifted one with a great purpose to achieve, the fully realised character with their own dreams and ambitions. I’m not saying we’re all megalomaniacs and I might be exaggerating for effect to make my point. Which is that we all like to believe we’re the main character in the story of our lives. Men, more so than women, can associate with this feeling since they are brought up to believe the world is their oyster. But, no matter how much society tries to box us in and limit us, this innate feeling of wanting to be that main character is something we all possess. So, it really isn’t a giant leap of logic to assume that just like you the other person has a life of their own. It is this simple fact that I would like Qasim Ali Shah and his ilk to understand. And, if it is truly too taxing for them to grasp this concept then I would like for them to just stop. Stop speaking, stop concerning yourselves with our lives and like narcissus go back to staring at your own reflection in the pond. We don’t need people like you, because as I previously explained we’re already the fully realised main characters. And, I am so tired of having to explain concepts like respect and not treating an entire gender like your personal toys, that I’m done. So do me a favour and stop. Just stop. Period. 

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