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This youth-led initiative is giving young musicians a platform to grow and develop


This youth-led initiative is giving young musicians a platform to grow and develop


The musical industry of Pakistan is an enigma. On one hand, there are massive companies and corporations such as Coke Studio and ARY Musik are indisputably doing a decent job in reviving the musical industry and promoting young musicians wishing to make a name for themselves. However, on the other hand, there is very little infrastructure available for the common musician, who doesn’t have connections into the musical industry, to make a name for themselves.

Observing this, a group of youths decided to take initiative and create an organization aiming to become an “incubator for musicians” – this would become “That Treehouse”.

Speaking to Team ProperGaanda, one of the founders of the organization, Shahzeb Khan, elaborated on this goal. He said that by “incubator for artists”, they meant that they aimed to “mentor young musicians, facilitate their learning on music-recording, music-marketing, music-PR, song-writing” with the maxim of “Learning, Creation, Connection”.

Simultaneously, they also hope to be active creators, using their community of musicians to collaborate with artists in other fields, such as in the film and television industry, to give young and up-coming musicians maximum exposure.

Khan explained that their organization started almost by chance. As a musician himself, Khan said that initially, all they were doing was providing young people a place – which was known as That Treehouse – to hang out and listen to nice music in a relaxed atmosphere. But this would soon grow into something much bigger.

One of their first productions, said Khan, was “Talaash” which was released on 14th August in celebration of Independence Day, aiming to discover undiscovered talent. Under this production, 18-year old Mustufa Q from Lahore, was facilitated and connected to 30 other artists to produce his song “Hum Bhi Giren Gy”, a beautiful song designed to be a motivational anthem for young people.

When asked if he had any message for the young musicians of Pakistan, Khan laughed slightly and said, “Ghabrana nahi hai”. He then elaborated that he was optimistic that he and his team would be able to develop a platform to help the talented artists of Pakistan.

He then added solemnly, “We need to add Pakistan on the world map.” He said that in the globalized world of the 21st century, Pakistani artists could not be content with maintaining a small presence and should instead aim to be recognized on an international level across the borders of Pakistan.

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