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This website will yell at you every time you touch your face

This website will yell at you every time you touch your face


If you’re trying to stop touching your face to help keep from spreading coronavirus, being shamed by this website might just do the trick.

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People have picked up some weird habits lately because of the coronavirus fear. Avoiding doorknobs, railing, shaking hands or washing their hands continuously. One habit difficult to control has been to stop touching your face.

One main caution raised by health experts has been to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Something far more difficult than it seems.

Donottouchyourface.com is a website that watches you at your computer and yells at you when you touch your face. It’s made by creator of Delete Yourself Mike Bodge.

How does it work

  • Donottouchyourface.com records a couple seconds of your webcam and you sit, not touching your face. 
  • Then it asks you to touch all over your face for a few seconds. This is to train the algorithm
  • When you touch your face, it yells “NO” and a popup notification alerts you simultaneously. 

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