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This sprawling Italian villa possibly belongs to Mian Mansha, one of the top richest in Pakistan

This sprawling Italian villa possibly belongs to Mian Mansha, one of the top richest in Pakistan


Elusive billionaire Mian Mohammad Mansha has been ranked 2nd to 3rd richest in the country according to net worth. In 2010, he was also featured on the Forbes list of World Billionaires. Chairman of Nishat Group, a conglomerate that is reportedly the largest in Pakistan, Mian Mansha has been amassing wealth for decades. In 1991, he acquired Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) as well as two other businesses which, along with Nishat Mills, became part of the Nishat Group of companies.

In 2012, a correspondent from the Financial Times visited Mian Mansha at his sprawling 250 acre house on the outskirts of Lahore. The writer describes it as being a “lush paradise” with a small picturesque lake surrounding by peach and lychee trees. The house itself was a “yellow sandstone mansion with the dimensions of a boutique resort”.

For a man like Mian Mansha, nothing but the best would suffice. But where is this grand Italian palace and how has it remained so hidden?

The house is made up of grand sweeping arches, open courtyards, and strategically placed foliage. The exterior is exactly like that of an Italian villa – bricked exterior, wide antique steps, sloping roofs, and an airy setup.

European influence is particularly prevalent in the interior of the house, with its series of arches, plentiful windows, and dark sandstone flooring.

It has the feel of an open-air cabana – except bigger and more luxurious. While pictures of the bedrooms are not available, the house does have a number of lounges, a dark panelled study, and this gorgeous indoor pool area that really cinches the fact that this house is more of a resort than a home.

It emanates serenity and tranquility but then such luxury comes at a price. With great wealth comes great responsibility. Perhaps the reason why Pakistan’s richest people choose to remain elusive and to keep their assets hidden is because they know affluence attracts all sorts of negative energies – envy and suspicion among them.

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