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This Sahiwal-based artist is making GTA-inspired art for Pakistani politicians


This Sahiwal-based artist is making GTA-inspired art for Pakistani politicians


An avid video-gamer, Waqas Mansoor, better known as @therustyart on Instagram, has recently been experimenting with GTA-inspired art with Pakistani politicians and international TV show actors. Team ProperGaanda reached out to him to better understand his motivations and aspirations as an artist.

As a freelancing graphic designer hailing from the Punjab city of Sahiwal, Mansoor told Team ProperGaanda that he found GTA-loading art quite inspiring. As a result, for the past few months, he has been experimenting with them and only recently started considering political figures. In the past, he has primarily focused on TV show actors, having made GTA-inspired art for shows like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and The Office.

In addition to his GTA-inspired passion project, Mansoor is also present on Fiverr, a freelancing website, where he has a 5-star rating based on 194 reviews. Mansoor uses the website to design “t-shirt designs, vector art, logos, book covers, cards including wedding or personalized visiting cards” and “basically anything to do with graphics design”.

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Mansoor told Team ProperGaanda that, while in terms of Pakistani politicians he had only done Imran Khan, he was looking forward to making such art not just for more prominent Pakistani politicians, but also other mainstream Pakistani personalities. After this, he said that he aims to make GTA-inspired art for politicians and public figures from across the world.

When asked if he had any message for fellow graphic designers in Pakistan, Mansoor vehemently asked his brethren to value the art they made. He reminded them that they ought to feel proud of it and not give it away for free. He said, “a graphics designer job should be a good paying one and should be taken seriously “. He added that his personal goals at the moment were to continue improving as a graphic designer and learn more everyday.

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