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This railway station in Attock has everything but trains

This railway station in Attock has everything but trains


Located in the Pind Sultani village of Attock district, this meeting place is designed exactly like a railway station which has been built and design by a software engineer, Ateequr Rehman. Rehman wanted a place to hang out with his friends, it has now become a recreational spot for the villagers, where they read books and spend time at the weekend.

The station took three years to build and every two weeks, Ateeq and his friends used to gather around to reminisce the good old days. The reason why Ateeq-ul-Rehman came up with this idea is that he enjoyed going to railway stations and read books. Pind Sultani is a beautiful place and he wanted to bring this joy from his childhood to his hometown as well.

The building is very detail-oriented, from a room for the hypothetical station master to the specific rocks for the building exported from Kohat, the building is created to generate a true railway aesthetic. The place is free to visit with no tickets or passes needed. To match the true aesthetic, the people have requested Railway Pakistan to donate an old steam engine as well.

If you are coming from Islamabad, you can visit the station through Tarnol. Pind Sultani is located around 80km from Tarnol. Ateeq mentioned that he would like to build a small museum of old railway goods and paintings there as well.

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