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This Pakistani ‘model’ cat fished the internet with his photoshop skills

This Pakistani ‘model’ cat fished the internet with his photoshop skills


Albabajwa: According to Twitter sources, Albab Khurram is a ‘model’ from Karachi who gained near to 7000 followers on his Instagram for his insanely aesthetic feed. His feed had pictures from various photoshoots and he had become popular among followers for his ‘unreal’ looks, with posts shared for a multiple of times. Along with his own personal Instagram, he also has a clothing line called ‘brignalss’ which featured custom made pieces by him. 

The Reveal: As his pictures got more and more traction, people started to notice anomalies in the posts. This led to a Twitter user dissecting how ‘Albabajwa’ had photoshopped his face very perfectly onto pictures of other models. Furthermore, people in the thread also posted how his ‘original’ song is a plagiarized version of a Tik Tok video, and how his merch is also fraudulent.

The Reaction: Twitter and Instagram went nuts after this reveal as they could not believe the scope of how many people this person had fooled. People called it the catfish of the century and jokes were made about him offering expertise in a photoshop course.

The model’s reaction: After the revelation, the Instagram model deactivated for a while, however upon he reactivated and posted a story stating ‘mission accomplished’ which could signify that he did this all to achieve the insane traction his story is getting. 

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